Z Wave pro (Zimmer shock-wave)

What is ZWave Pro?

A state of the art innovative therapeutic massager. Pulse application High energy radial pulse application is a procedure for the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

What does ZWavePro do?

Creation of pulses using an ergonomic handpiece and transmission of pulses via a special applicator. ZWave Pro has a maximum penetration depth of about 35 mm in human tissue.

How are pulses generated with ZWavePro?

An electromagnetic field is generated via a coil in the back of the handpiece. A projectile is accelerated as a result of the field; this strikes against the applicator head at the front of the handpiece and generates pulses, which spread out radially in the tissue.

What are the advantages of ZWavePro?

  • The innovative technology allows a compact design with no need for a compressor.
  • The clear and modern color display showing all parameters relevant for application and the modern touch operation ensure pleasure and motivation when providing application.
  • Clear, simple menu navigation makes operation of the device easy and comfortable for users.
  • Infinitely variable frequencies allow application to be adapted to the particular condition of the client.
  • The ability to simultaneously connect

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