Epilion Dermatology Laser Center

Satisfied clients

With more than 20.000 treated patients.

With more than 30,000 performed examinations and consultations since its establishment.

Performed examinations and consultations


With around 100,000 various provided treatments accomplishing more than all other “laser centers” in total.

The longest experience with dermatological lasers and the continuous application of the highest possible standards in patients’ care.

Epilion hires only doctors specialized in dermatovenerology and highly trained medical stuff.

Good quality triage: with proper selection of our patients we assure that only those really requiring the treatment are actually being treated.

Half of all dermatologists in private practice presently dealing with lasers shot their first pulses in Epilion.

Should you still wonder why the treatments are to be done by the dermatovenerology specialist, the answer is quite simple – we are talking about rather new medical method being part of the aesthetic dermatology, which belongs exclusively to the scope of work of the dermatology specialists. Over the recent years in Serbia, with the appearance of several actual hair removal lasers, followed by IPL and LHE devices, patients can easily get confused when making proper choice. Dermatology equipment should be distinguished from the cosmetic one, and the same applies to powerful and weak lasers. Quite naturally, the owners of cheap and poor machines will claim those to be lasers. Moreover, it should be noted that unprofessional dermatology lasers handling could result in serious skin damaging, some of which being temporary, but also with permanent effects. By pretentious advertisements, false promises and low cost services patients easily get misleaded. However, in the end, everybody is to find out who offers the service with the best price/quality ratio.