Most common treatments for women Price in EUR
Upper lip 25
Beard 40
Sideburns 60
Armpits 90
Legs with groins from 450
Bikini line from 80
Pubis (desired shape) 90
Intimate region + perianal 200
Shins from 180
Lower belly from 60
Low forehead lift 90
Body shaping Price in EUR
Non-invasive lipolysis:  
CryoLipo (cold) from 120
LaserLipo (warm) from 250
Injectable (lipolytics) 50/ampoule 50
ZWave (Cellulite) from 15/region 15
FocuSlim (MuscleMaker) 120
Most common treatments for men Price in EUR
Entire back from 250
Shoulders 100
Chest + stomach from 180
Arms from 140
Gluteus 150
Neck front 90
Hairline at the back 70
AntiAging treatments Price in EUR
Botulinum toxin from / region 200
Fillers (several brands) from / 1ml 250
Vamp treatment from 180
Facial rejuvenation (meso cocktails) from 80
Derma Pen (with RJV booster) from 150
Hydrafacial from 100
Laser face peeling (Erb) 160
Facial rejuvenation (multiple types of lasers) 200
4D facial rejuvenation (with multiple lasers) 300
5D facial rejuvenation (with multiple lasers)  350
Other requested laser treatments Price in EUR
Lasers for stretch marks from 100
Lasers for scars from 80
Acne scars from 120
Fungal nail diseases / treatment 50
Red vascular (capillaries, rosacea, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas) from 60
Intraoral (for large wrinkles) 80
Periocular from 120
LipLase (lip augmentation) 60
Package 1 – Power PRP (only for Epilion loyalty app users) 320
Package 2 – Complete lift (only for Epilion loyalty app users) 975
Package 3 – Vector lift (only for Epilion loyalty app users) 475
Package 4 – Anti-snoring (only for Epilion loyalty app users) 300

Disclaimer : The displayed prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the type and number of required treatments, special client requirements and the specifics of the treatment. Please schedule a consultation with our dermatologist for information on your price.