Men are not as concerned about beauty when compared to women, but they do want to look presentable for both work and in their social lives. Just as wearing a fitted suit gives an air of savvy professionalism, having fewer wrinkles and smooth skin is equally as dapper. Too many wrinkles and dull skin are the signs of stress which give an unattractive appearance of not being able to cope at work or generally in life.


Men are not as concerned about beauty when compared to women, but they do want to look presentable for both work and in their social lives. Just as wearing a fitted suit gives an air of savvy professionalism, having fewer wrinkles and smooth skin is equally as dapper. Too many wrinkles and dull skin are the signs of stress which give an unattractive appearance of not being able to cope at work or generally in life.

Laser hair removal

It used to be that hair removal was strictly a female thing. Not so anymore. Most men don’t necessarily want it all removed, but increasingly they do want it thinned out, on their back, stomack and chest or legs.

We are the leaders in Laser Hair removal in Serbia for a very good reason – we deliver the most effective results. There are a number of reasons for this, including our experience and knowledge but the most important factor in helping you achieve the best results comes down to using only the most advanced technology – The GentleLase Pro, is the Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal.

How does it work?
The laser works by targeting the melanin found in the follicles of growing hair, and travelling down until it finds the bulb (root) of the hair, which it then disables.
Is it permanent?
Patients generally experience permanent hair reduction when the right laser is used with the right settings and using proper laser application techniques. Patients should keep in mind that their individual experiences can vary depending on their individual skin properties. For best results you should have dark coarse hair and light skin.
How many treatments will I need?
This will depend on your individual skin and hair properties. Roughly 20-30% of your hair is growing at any one time, and that is the amount you can permanently remove in a single treatment. You should expect to have 3-5 treatments depending on what you deem to be a satisfactory reduction.
What should I do before my treatment?
It is extremely important that you do not have a tan on the area to be treated. Your skin needs to have the least amount of pigment possible so that the laser can effectively target the pigment in your hair and not in your skin. Razor shave the area to be treated before your procedure.

Do not wax or pluck your hair in any way for 4-6 weeks prior to your treatment, as you will need to have active hair follicles for the laser to use as a target to find the bulb. Avoid applying any creams to the area before your treatment, or they can be removed beforehand. We need your skin to be as smooth and clean as possible.

What should I expect after my treatment?
You should experience some minor redness (erythema) and swelling (edema) on the treated areas during your treatment. Depending on your skin and hair conditions, the redness can last up to 2-3 days and may feel like a sunburn. Use an SPF 50 whenever possible before, during, and after the course of your treatments. Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of hyper pigmentation. Within 1-3 weeks you should start to see shedding of dead hair from your skin.

Anti Aging treatments


It’s not just women who understand the negative impact of frown lines. Men are much more aware of the positive benefits of ‘tox treatments’ which include Botox. It is the most popular non surgical procedure for men.

Botox is injected into the facial areas where wrinkles appear in very small concentrations. The drug prevents signals from the nerves from reaching these facial muscles, effectively preventing the muscles from getting the signal to contract. For a short period of time (months) these muscles are effectively, paralyzed. Injected Botox prevents the release of acetylcholine, preventing contraction of the muscle cells.

The effect of the drug causes a reduction in abnormal muscle contraction allowing the muscles to become less stiff. In plain-speak Botox helps to stop those fine lines and wrinkles starting in the first place and “calms down” the existing lines that currently sit on your face.

Hyaluronic fillers

Facial fillers are twice as popular among men as they were fifteen years ago.

If you want to refresh your look, dermal fillers are a minimally-invasive, almost instant solution. One of the main reasons dermal fillers are so popular is because they provide such natural-looking results.

It’s a fast and easy procedure. Most appointments take approximately 30 minutes, depending on how many areas are being treated. After treatment everyone will notice you look great, but no one will know you’ve had a cosmetic procedure. One of the main reasons dermal fillers are so popular is because they provide such natural-looking results.

Laser peeling

Laser peeling is ideal treatment for reduction or removal of all the face imperfections.

The laser removes the surface layer of the skin, thus eliminating pigmentation, enlarged pores, small wrinkles, scars or acne spots. At the same time, laser light boost the generation of a new collagen. The old and tired skin becomes firmer, fresh and evenly toned.

Treatments are done only in fall and winter period of time, when there is no sun, and they can be repeated every two months. The results are not immediate and are slowly progressive, with optimal improvement visible over a three to four month period.

Recovery time is short. After the treatment skin can be reddish and irritated, but usage of toned face cream is allowed. You can continue your everyday life normaly.


Undereye wrinkles are some of the most frustrating indicators of age on the face. These stubborn creases are also often caused by smoking, sun damage, poor facila skin care or genetics.

Laser rejuvenation has got four dimansions thanks to great possibilities of SPDynamis laser.

By using four different modality it affects deep, midle and surface strucutre of skin, aiming different kinds of skin imperfection. Treatment stimulate new collagen and elastin production with minimally invasive technology. Treating fine lines around the eye and dark circles we are achieving Anti Aging treatment which results in rested and fresh face look.

Series of three treatments needs to be done, in 45 days time frame.

Facial Redness, Veins and Rosacea

Since men aren’t too likely to use concealers or makeup, red areas, facial veins and Rosacea are much more of an appearance problem. Rosacea can make you look flustered, embarrassed or suggest you’ve had cocktails before breakfast. “Getting the red out” becomes a confidence issue.

More visible veins, or those which come as a result of Rosacea, are best treated with Vbeam laser and or ndYag laser. Laser targets the color red and is an excellent way to dissipate visible veins on the face and nose. The sensation is one of a rubber band snap, but only for the briefest second as the laser fires.

Vbeam treatments take only minutes and are the best option for facial veins and redness on the neck.


Zlipo (Cryolipolysis) is a non-invasive procedure that effectively removes the excess fat in specific areas of the body, usually difficult to remove by different conventional methods or with a poor response to traditional diets and exercise.

Cryolipolysis is the most effective method to remove fat from areas such as abdomen, thighs and gluteus. The objective of Cryolipolysis is to freeze the issue until achieving the destruction of fat cells, facilitating its elimination without damaging the surrounding tissue. It has been shown that fat cells are morevulnerble to cold than neighboring tissue, also stimulating the natural process of at elimination. Treatment is 60 minutes long, totally safe and non-invasive.

Results are visible one month after procedure, and improving in first six months.

Since cryolipolysis does not produce weight loss, patients must only presents localized fat and it is not applicable in evident excess weight patient cases.

NightLase therapy

NightLase therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase reduces the effects of sleep apnea and decreases the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser-induced tightening effect caused by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue.

Fotona’s patented Er:YAG laser modality optimizes the length of laser pulses, allowing for the safe penetration of heat into the oral mucosa tissue. It is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue inside the mouth, but strong enough to provide clinically efficacious heating.

A full course of NightLase consists of three separate treatment sessions over a six week period. The final results of the treatment have been shown to last up to a year, and the therapy can be repeated.

Patients find NightLase to be a highly comfortable and satisfying solution.

Nail fungus treatment

Nail fungus is the most common disease of the fingernails and toenails. Approximately 10-12 percent of people suffer from it. The infection is widespread and persistent. It causes nails to thicken and their structure to change, and can spread to the surrounding tissues, causing secondary infection. In cases of infection, the skin dries out badly, which causes it to become very sensitive and covered with dandruff, which at times results in ulcers. In certain situations, nail fungus can expand rapidly, which leads to difficulty in treating it. Laser treatment is a viable and safe solution! It effectively targets the fungus that is responsible for infection without harming the nail plate and surrounding tissues. Laser treatment is a safe and quick procedure that does not require a post-procedural period. Results of the first treatment are visible in three months. Nevertheless, it takes 9-12 months for the nail plate to grow again; therefore, an assessment of the treatment effectiveness can be carried out 3-6 months after the last treatment. Usually, 4 procedures (one weekly) are enough to cure persistent nail fungus.

Removal tattoos and permanent makeup

The principle of the tattoos and permanent makeup laser removal is based on the fact that the colored pigment, permanently incorporated in the skin while tattooing, absorbs the laser beam of a certain wavelength. No preparation is needed for the treatment. After the first treatment, the effect in reduction of color is in the range of 40-60%. The procedure involves burning sensation and discomfort, but it is definitely less unpleasant than the tattooing itself. For removing the whole tattoo several treatments are required. They are performed in one month intervals, with total number depending on the size of the tattoo itself and specific colors it contains, the quantity and type of pigment being injected, as well as its depth in the skin. Each pigment requires the appropriate wavelength and each color is done separately. In principle, tattoos with so-called “mixed” pigment which is not clean are more difficult to remove, with the same applying to subsequently added tattoos, those containing yellow color and tattoos on remote parts of the body, such as ankles. Q-switched Nd: YAG laser allows for the tattoos and permanent makeup removal to be done safely with no complications and side effects. Side effects, such as scars, skin bleaching or darkening, frequently accompanying various other tattoo removal treatments, with the use of Q-switched Nd: YAG laser are practically insignificant.

Hair growth stimulation

Hair loss is an issue giving headache to a large number of male population. Nowadays there is a whole range of different products and treatments which, more or less successfully, help fighting against this problem. Indeed, one of the most effective methods is the simultaneous combination of laser treatment with PRP therapy.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a unique method of using your own organism resources for the process of tissue regeneration. Highly concentration of growth factors in platelet-rich plasma helps the process of proper cell development, thus stopping hair loss and improving its growth. By increasing the blood circulation of the scalp, the dormant hair follicles are reactivated for further growth and the hair is renewed.

Hair growth stimulation by using laser treatment combined with PRP therapy is the right solution for all men facing the issue of hair loss. Upon intervention, the hair becomes denser, firmer and shiny.
The treatment involves the application of anesthetic cream prior to the procedure, so it is pain free!
To achieve satisfactory results two to three treatments are required. Treatments can be done on a monthly basis. Apart from mild redness withdrawing over the course of 24 hours after the intervention, there are no adverse reactions after the treatment.